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I’ve gotten a huge uptick in outreach and most importantly, quality candidates from this newsletter.
- Robert B, cloud hiring manager at Verizon

“The Best Jobs in Cloud” is a biweekly newsletter that comes FREE with your purchase of the Cloud Resume Challenge Book.

In each issue, I curate awesome cloud job opportunities from around my network, including an inside referral for each job so you can skip the application line.

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What do I mean by “the best jobs”?

• In most cases, I include a direct contact link to the hiring manager or someone else inside the company; no more “spray and pray” of cold applications. My referrals know and love the Cloud Resume Challenge; they’ll be expecting you.

• I bias for remote jobs; even better if they are true, global “work from anywhere” remote jobs without a geographical restriction.

• I bias for jobs that include a salary range.

• I bias for jobs where I personally know people inside the company and can vouch for the health of the culture and the interesting-ness of the work.

• I sort the list according to required experience, and I try to make sure I have a healthy balance of junior, mid-level, and senior jobs.

Let me be your talent agent.

I’ve spent years building thousands of connections in the cloud community for one reason: so I can help as many people as possible find awesome jobs.

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or not, you should be reading this newsletter to get an insider’s guide to the best job opportunities in cloud.

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