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Hall of Fame

Here we celebrate the stories of those who crush the Cloud Resume Challenge. Many of these folks had no previous IT experience. All of them are now certified cloud practitioners.

Darius Jennings (hired July 2020):

I had been looking for some cloud projects that I could add to my resume and I came across this challenge by to create an online resume using AWS and some coding. After reading the instructions, I felt like I was up for the challenge! It took me a few days to complete the challenge.

About a month later, I accepted an offer for a Cloud Engineer position! I will be a part of a cloud migration team at ECS. They are also doing some things with Chef, Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes so I get the cloud and devops experience I am looking for! I’m so excited! I really used my experience from the resume challenge to sell my AWS experience during this interview.

Here’s my resume.

Here’s my blog post about my experience.

Romulo Brandino Silva (hired June 2020):

I got an offer from Microsoft in Las Colinas, TX. I’ll be an Azure Support Engineer in Networking.

The challenge helped me to answer a lot of questions during the tech interview. I told them about how I troubleshooted the DNS issues that I had, how I configured my cloud architecture, everything helped me got this job.

Of course my knowledge of networking, TCP/IP and the 2 AWS certifications (SAA and Developer A) helped also, but doing the project you suggested helped me with real life problems.

Stacy Stipes (challenge completed July 2020):

This entire experience has been extremely rewarding. The hours that I spent every night going down Google rabbit holes, experimenting with code, and configuring the various AWS components just solidified and built upon the knowledge that I had going into the challenge. More importantly, I learned the importance of breaking down complex problems into small manageable pieces, and not giving in to frustration when errors occur. It’s a cliché but it’s true: if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning! Finally, I discovered that I really, really enjoy working on projects like this, and I especially love coding. Once I got into the flow, I would completely lose track of time because I was having so much fun with it.

Read more in my blog about the challenge, and check out my resume.

Nana Quayson (challenge completed July 2020):

This project presented a refreshing challenge, motivating me to do a lot of reading about Docker and the AWS CLI. I have learnt CICD automation for cloud infrastructure and how to include unit testing into the workflow Pipeline. I learned to integrate a lot of the services, which I had previously not used together. I discovered portals where I can do further reading when I run into problems with AWS services.

Read more in my blog about the challenge, and check out my resume.

Antonio Lo Fiego (challenge completed July 2020):

I just learned that that my very first article documenting my experience with the Cloud Resume Challenge is now recommended on Medium for Software Engineering and Programming topics. The effect of being in amazing and supporting communities is unbelievable, and I am definitely sitting on the shoulders of a lot of giants. Next steps, finishing up the development of the #100DaysOfCloud app and getting that AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification!

Read more in my blog about the challenge, and check out my resume.

Jakob Ondrey (challenge completed July 2020):

As a clinical laboratory technician trying to pivot into a new career in Cloud and software development, I have often found it difficult to turn theoretical knowledge into real meaningful experience. The suggestion from those with experience is typically, “do some projects” but this is always easier said than done. There are only so many “Hello world” applications you can write before you start losing focus revert back to watching the world burn. When I learned about the Cloud Resume Challenge, I realized it was the perfect project for diving in to the Cloud field.

Read more in my blog series about the challenge, and check out my resume.

Brooke Mitchell (challenge completed June 2020):

One of the most important things I learned during this challenge is that I love the cloud as much as I thought I did, if not more. Prior to this challenge, all but two of my AWS projects were from studying for the Solutions Architect Associate exam. This project has taken me the longest to complete but has been the most rewarding. This experience has given me a deeper understanding of how different AWS components work together.

Here’s my resume and a blog about my work.

Bolaji Akande (challenge completed June 2020):

I really enjoyed working on this challenge as it gave me practical knowledge on cloud concepts and tools such as hosting static websites on Amazon S3 buckets, working with Amazon Route53, using Amazon DynamoDB, working with AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) and integrating CI/CD into your projects using Github Actions.

Here is a link to my finished project and a link to my blog post about the challenge.

Chris Nagy (challenge completed June 2020):

I have both enjoyed and learned a lot from this challenge. I would like to thank Forrest for creating it as I believe the very best way to learn anything is through actual projects — nothing beats hands-on experience.

Here is a link to my finished project and a link to my blog post about the challenge.

Tejas Bhagat (challenge completed June 2020):

I found this challenge on r/AWSCertifications after passing my CSAA test and thought it would be a great way to get more hands on exposure with AWS and to buff up my resume a bit. Though there were a lot of steps I didn’t completely understand at first, I had a ton of fun googling through any roadblocks I faced and reading through pages (and pages) of documentation on various services to complete the challenge.

Here’s my resume and a blog about my work.

Will Boland (challenge completed June 2020):

Overall, the Cloud Resume Challenge was a fun, engaging project with “challenge” being the operative word. I learned a lot about cloud services, infrastructure-as-code, serverless applications, CI/CD, and some programming skills. I also learned a lot about myself, namely that a beginner’s mindset is powerful and that I’m excited to keep going.

Here’s my resume and a blog about my work.

Mohamed Muhannad (challenge completed June 2020):

Coming from an IT infrastructure background for the most part of my career, completing this challenge has been an eye-opener. I believe it’s important to adapt to new concepts for working with the cloud and be ready for what the future might bring. I think this is a turning point for my career and will be working on finding a role more focused on cloud engineering.

Here’s my resume.

I also wrote a series of blogs about my experience as I worked through the challenge.

Jeremy Swingle (challenge completed June 2020):

Overall, I appreciated this challenge. It provided a framework for me to not only learn some new things, but also put together a coherent project using things I had already messed around with. Perhaps most importantly, though, I gained more confidence! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing multiple parts of a project “click” together and work just like I wanted it to. This was an exciting opportunity for both my career development and my personal progress.

Here’s my resume, and a blog with my advice for future challengers.

Cha’Diamond Moody (challenge completed May 2020):

What an experience! This was a fun project and I’ve acquired skills that I will continue to develop. I highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is learning to code or learning cloud development.

Here’s my resume and blog about my experiences. P.S. – I am happy to share my study guide if anyone is interested.

Jerry Mullis (challenge completed May 2020):

A friend recommended that I should try this challenge for experience. I completed the Cloud Resume challenge and really enjoyed it. Learned a lot about serverless functions, lambda, API gateway and DynamoDB. Did a quick write-up as well to log my findings. 🤓☁️

Here’s my Cloud Resume Blog, and my Finished Product!

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