Extending your project

The original Cloud Resume Challenge touches on many of the skills that you need to become a professional cloud engineer. However, it’s not exhaustive.

For that reason, challengers often ask for ways to extend their Cloud Resume Challenge project that will give them more experience in areas like:

  • Cloud security
  • Cloud networking
  • Data engineering
  • Observability
  • Automation and DevOps practices
  • Linux and containerization
  • Programming for the cloud (Python, Javascript, Go)

Beyond the CRC

In this section of the challenge docs, you’ll find ideas for enhancing and expanding your cloud skills by adding to your core Cloud Resume Challenge project. These projects assume you have a working resume site and are ready to take it to the next level.

We also encourage you to pursue other types of hands-on projects that have nothing to do with the CRC (the resources section points to a few), but there’s a ton of value in maintaining the same active project over time, seeing how it breaks, learning how to run it faster and cheaper or incorporate new tools and features. As Scott Hanselman has said, running real sites and scaling them is THE way to lock in your skills.

New challenges are regularly added to this page by Forrest Brazeal and other members of the Cloud Resume Challenge community. If you have a novel idea for how to teach a cloud-related skill through the Cloud Resume Challenge paradigm, we’d love your contribution.

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