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The Cloud Resume Challenge is a famously difficult cloud project for beginners (that’s why it works!), but you don’t have to go it alone.

You’re invited to join a Cloud Resume Challenge Sprint - a private cohort of cloud learners who work through the challenge at the same pace over 4 weeks in the Cloud Resume Challenge Discord server.

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What does it cost?

Nothing; it’s free! Buying the guidebook is suggested, but not required. You’re welcome to sprint with us either way.

Why do a sprint?

Many people start the Cloud Resume Challenge with great intentions, but fall off the pace when the going gets tough.

Sprints help keep you moving with:

• A community of highly-motivated people who are working on the challenge alongside you

• Live office hours and async chat-based help in case you get stuck

• Ongoing career help in the sprinters’ alumni network

But don’t worry, there are no giveaways here. You’re going to work hard and learn plenty on your own.

How are the sprints structured?

Sprints take place over 4 weeks, following the challenge strategy in the Cloud Resume Challenge Guidebook.

Each week, you’ll build a mini-project that’s valuable in its own right - so even if you have to drop out after a couple of weeks, you’ll still have built a cloud project worth listing on your resume.

Week 1: Cloud Website

Skills: HTML/CSS, Git, cloud storage, CDN, DNS

Week 2: Serverless API

Skills: Cloud compute, NoSQL database, Python

Week 3: Front End / Back End Integration

Skills: Javascript, cloud monitoring, end-to-end testing

Week 4: Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD

Skills: Terraform, GitHub Actions, cloud secrets management

You can join a weekly live office hour to ask questions or get feedback on your progress. Other than that, there are no required scheduled events. Most discussion and communication will take place asynchronously in Discord. Work when it’s most convenient for you.

How do I join?

Sign up for the next available sprint now, then hop into the Cloud Resume Challenge Discord server and check the #announcements channel for more information.

What are you waiting for? Stop saying “I’m totally going to do the Cloud Resume Challenge next month” and just go for it:

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Sprint FAQ

Are there any prerequisites to join a sprint?

No, but the sprints move fast and existing cloud or programming knowledge will certainly make things easier.

Does the sprint include prep for a cloud certification?

No. The full Cloud Resume Challenge requires at least one cloud certification to be listed on your resume, but this sprint is focused solely on completing the project portion of the challenge. You are still encouraged to get a cert either before or after going through the sprint.